Tears of the Village

Tears of the Village

The tears of the village can be seen throughout the crevices of the building blocks we call our communities. This book was designed to act as a cloth to wipe away the tears and begin to build upon the needed foundations as we continue our journey of strategizing in a system designed for one to fail. The complexities of our internal and external inflictions have caused us to stray away from our true destiny as spiritual leaders in the world. We as a people are no different than our village. We are connected as one. She— meaning the village— is a pure reflection of us. She has to take her rightful place in society. When people look at her, how will that reflect upon us? Does she reflect the kind of image we want people to see? Just like our village we have become broken and abused. Our tears have become intertwined. The tears of the village and the tears of our people have been shedding for far too long. We can no longer allow people within the village to abuse and pimp her to the detriment of our existence. If we continue down the path we’re on, the tears of the village will only remain as the people within it will no longer exist.

   By the time you’re reading this many of our young brothers will be laid to rest due to the senseless and unlawful killings within our village. The tears of their loved ones will become the soil in which future seeds shall grow. Through their tears we need to develop and strategize on how we can put a cease to the direct genocide and self-genocidal behavior. The tears of the village are letting us know that she is hurting. Her buildings are abandoned just like some of our babies living within her. For each broken window, a broken soul is forming within us. We need all hands on deck brothers and sisters. We need all hands to fight the injustices that are aimed directly at our village. We must defend our village. We must heal our village. We must demand this across the board. 

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-What’s Happening Brother: How to strategize in a system designed for you to fail

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