3 Life Lessons I Learned via my Laptop Crashing


If you’re anything like me, your laptop/computer is like a lifeline. As a writer, I’ve become accustomed to depending on it as a means of an emotional release—therapy in a sense. It’s my escape from the normalcies of everyday life. Over the years it has become more than that. It has evolved to becoming an extension of my being. Meaning, not only does it provide that sense of escape from a writing standpoint, but it also holds key to some of my most personal and vital information. So, when it crashed 2 weeks ago, it was like a part of me was gone—forever.

Gone are the days when we used to have to memorize phone numbers, names, dates, directions, passwords, etc. That shift of reliance has in some cases made us lazy in terms of thought. Therefore, you can imagine the grief, anger and irritation I was feeling when that little blue screen kept taunting me for what seemed like an eternity. I tried my best to resuscitate my laptop by restarting it, hitting function keys, taking out the battery, praying, pressing control, alt, delete (which seems to be the remedy for EVERYTHING), and did I mention praying. I knew it was bad when my wife was trying to console me as if I had lost a loved one (It kind of felt that way).

After 24 hours, I had concluded that it was over. I had done all that I could possibly do. There was an option for me to reboot which would result in me losing every single file and program that existed. I had no choice. I didn’t have an external hard drive, which was stupidity on my part. I did utilize Google Drive (at least I thought I did).

So, after another 24 hours, the reboot was complete and my laptop was brand new, refreshed and naked like a baby at birth. While reloading/downloading programs, I began to think to myself, this is a life lesson.

Hence the title of this article. Below are the 3 life lessons I learned via my laptop crashing…


  1. Proactive preparation- Change is inevitable and nothing lasts forever. Due to this, we must always be prepared for the unthinkable. In life things can change in the blink of an eye. Whether we’re dealing with the loss of a job, loved one or just a change in our situation—we must plan better. One of the things that comes to mind immediately is life insurance (I don’t sell it, so it’s not an advertisement). This tends to be a touchy topic for some, well at least for me it used to be. The mere thought of thinking about death was something I wasn’t prepared for nor wanted to think about. However, death is real and it can cause financial devastation to families. Just as we insure or get warranties on “things” the same should be taken into consideration with our lives. Let’s be proactive about it!!!


  1. ResetThe Reset Button- I’m sure many of you have seen those large red buttons that says, “that was easy” when you press down on it. There are times when we wish that life was as simple as pressing a restart button or getting a life reboot. We understand life is not as simple as a computer reboot, but we can hit that internal restart button. Sometimes in life you may have to lose everything to gain your purpose. When my laptop crashed it forced me to be more creative. Gone were my old thoughts, it forced me to think of new ideas. Life can be the same way. If you’re in that dead-end job or if you’re confused about what your next move should be…you may need to shift your thinking by tearing down everything and rebuild (rebrand) yourself. Hit that restart button.


  1. TreadmillComplacency- This kind of ties into lesson one, but it’s slightly different. In my case I took my laptop for granted. I had stories, articles, ideas etc. that I had been working on for years, but I’d always say to myself, I’ll get to it tomorrow, next week or next month. I had become complacent with my creativity. I wasn’t doing anything with what could have potentially been my breakthrough. I was sitting on my talent. Some of you may be stuck on that same treadmill. That hunger for success you once had may have been crippled and stripped by the hardships of life. Life is hard and it can cause one to become complacent. Another issue is that we sometimes allow things and fear to prevent us from continuing our pursuit for reaching our dreams and ambitions. Things and fear can make you comfortable. It’s time to get uncomfortable again. It’s time to reengage with your passion. It’s time to walk that path of your destiny and purpose.


These were my 3 lessons that I learned via my laptop crashing. I hope that one of these lessons triggers someone to get back in the race. We tend to have the sprinters mentality, when we should be thinking about the marathon. Life is a lesson within itself. It will forever be the greatest teacher. Let’s all learn to CONTROL our situations by taking ownership. You may have to ALTernate your original plan and reboot. And finally, DELETE anything that deters you from your goal in life—your purpose.

If you have any life lessons you’ve learned in your day-to-day life don’t hesitate to send them to mario@mariodking.com. I would love to share. You never know, it may help someone.


Peace and Love!!!


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