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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00001]   Malcolm Turner is a single father with the weight of the world on his shoulders. As he approaches the age of 30, he finds himself having an identity crisis, as well as lacking in self-confidence and begins to feel the pressure of becoming the man he is meant to be. In the midst of being a single father—Malcolm finds himself trying to juggle relationships, friendships, and family all while trying to find some spiritual peace in the journey called: The Crisis before Midlife. (2013)

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Whats Happening Brother-Book Cover2   Author and activist Mario D. King provides realistic discourse that embraces accountability and responsibility to systematically address the problems ailing the black community. Through his meticulous research, he explores solutions in (Education, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Community and Spirituality, amongst several other topics) to transform the thinking of black men and their respective counterparts through yielding a plan of action to impede not only a nation, but a generation. (2015)




Where_Do_We_Go_From_Here   The attraction between Marcus and Natalie was evident from the moment they locked eyes. He was a handsome successful business man who prided himself on being able to close any deal ─ except the one that could get the woman he wanted to marry to stay. In search of a distraction from his broken heart, Natalie, the demur secretary with the “banging body,” and no sliver of a man in sight, seemed like the perfect choice. Sparks fly and earth-shattering sex erupts. But what was supposed to be a simple sex only arrangement gets very complicated when Natalie makes a discovery that sends them on an emotional journey that will leave them connected to one another for many years to come.

This entertaining thought-provoking novella expertly illustrates what can happen when you allow lust to determine your direction. There could be life-altering consequences and repercussions and you just may find yourself asking the question, “Where do we go from here?” (2015)