3 Life Lessons I Learned via my Laptop Crashing


If you’re anything like me, your laptop/computer is like a lifeline. As a writer, I’ve become accustomed to depending on it as a means of an emotional release—therapy in a sense. It’s my escape from the normalcies of everyday life. Over the years it has become more than that. It […]

Who gets the big piece of Chicken?

Family Having A Meal Together At Home

Recently, I was watching one of Chris Rock’s classic stand-up shows, Bigger & Blacker. It never fails that every time I watch it there is one skit that cracks me up with no hesitation—the big piece of chicken. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you look it up; that’s […]

Why you should take your pants more serious


I woke up this morning in a rather amusing way.  I don’t know what sparked it but the word britches (or breeches for my bourgeois people) seamed its way to the front of my mind. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the term, the word is simply […]

My Top 4 Writing Inspirations


I. Music Suffering from writer’s block? Some good music usually has me moonwalking back to my laptop!!! via GIPHY II. Reading Reading books usually gets my creative juices flowing. Downside: it takes time away from the wife!!! via GIPHY III. Life Experiences It’s nothing like having a shitty day and […]

The Less Fortunate: (Short Story)

The calmness of the early morning atmosphere is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Trees sing and leaves dance—Mother Nature watches. She sets the tone for the day—we watch her. As the moon fades, she embraces the dawn of a new day—a rebirth—something that many of us living are in search […]

Review: LATIBAH Theatre Ensemble’s ‘Dialogue with my Soul’ is “refreshing” and “dynamic”.

Latibah- Dialogue with Soul

This past Sunday marked the 51st anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X. I recently had the distinct pleasure of seeing the LATIBAH Theatre Ensemble’s performance, Dialogue with my Soul…the Gathering (Women of Malcolm X). Kamit Natural Foods was the perfect venue as it reinforced one of Malcolm’s primary objectives: […]

Treat Your Taste Buds to a Taste of Liberia

Zoewee's- Potato Greens (Vegetable Oil) with Rice

In last week’s cultural cuisine expedition, my quest led me to experience a taste of North Africa in Charlotte’s eclectic Plaza-Midwood neighborhood. This week my taste buds longed for an exquisite cuisine from the western part of the motherland. In my search I was able to find the crown jewel of […]

A taste of Morocco in the Queen City

Ajbani- BerBer Chicken2

In this week’s cultural cuisine expedition—me and mi familia decided to experience a taste of North Africa. In our search we found a cozy Moroccan restaurant nestled in Charlotte’s eclectic Plaza-Midwood neighborhood. Ajbani Moroccan Cuisine is considered to be one of the finest Moroccan restaurants in Charlotte, NC. Upon our entrance–this […]