Treat Your Taste Buds to a Taste of Liberia

Zoewee's- Potato Greens (Vegetable Oil) with Rice

In last week’s cultural cuisine expedition, my quest led me to experience a taste of North Africa in Charlotte’s eclectic Plaza-Midwood neighborhood. This week my taste buds longed for an exquisite cuisine from the western part of the motherland. In my search I was able to find the crown jewel of […]

A taste of Morocco in the Queen City

Ajbani- BerBer Chicken2

In this week’s cultural cuisine expedition—me and mi familia decided to experience a taste of North Africa. In our search we found a cozy Moroccan restaurant nestled in Charlotte’s eclectic Plaza-Midwood neighborhood. Ajbani Moroccan Cuisine is considered to be one of the finest Moroccan restaurants in Charlotte, NC. Upon our entrance–this […]