How a trip to an amusement park taught me a life lesson.


Last week was a celebratory event as my oldest daughter turned the big 1-3. As a father I can honestly say that it was a day that I’ve been dreading. Over the years I’ve enjoyed watching her grow into the young lady that she is and I’m looking forward to […]

Why you should take your pants more serious


I woke up this morning in a rather amusing way.  I don’t know what sparked it but the word britches (or breeches for my bourgeois people) seamed its way to the front of my mind. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the term, the word is simply […]

Daddy Confessions: They don’t play no more!!!


So, this past summer my oldest daughter reached another developmental milestone—she turned the BIG 1-2. It’s the time when emotional, physical and social changes begin to move at a rapid pace. For the most part of the summer I’ve witnessed her transitions such as her additional moodiness, laziness, less display […]

Daddy Confessions: To spoil or not to spoil…


I was having a deep conversation with some friends not too long ago in regards to child-rearing. We began by discussing a variety of layers of the topic, but the one that we became emotionally vested in was the belief that we were spoiling our kids. So the conversation began […]

Daddy Confessions: “Lip Gloss won’t be poppin’ on YOUR lips.”

Lip Gloss 5

Who knew parenting would be such a daunting task? I can remember as a kid saying things such as: I’m not gonna be this strict when I have a kid. I’m not gonna force my kid to do this and that. I’m not gonna chastise or forbid my kid from […]

Still “Mis”-educated


Education is defined as the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction or an enlightened experience. “Mis” is defined as ill, mistaken, wrong or incorrectly. So when you hear the word mis-education, your mind should immediately reveal the absence or the misinformed structure of the word education. I first saw […]