Dance No More


AS THE SUN pierced thru the cracks of the closed blinds, Elijah was awakened by the sweet smell of hickory smoked bacon. With excitement he jumped out his bed as this only meant one thing—Jamma and Paw-Paw were visiting. He stumbled over the cords to his video game as he […]

My Top 4 Writing Inspirations


I. Music Suffering from writer’s block? Some good music usually has me moonwalking back to my laptop!!! via GIPHY II. Reading Reading books usually gets my creative juices flowing. Downside: it takes time away from the wife!!! via GIPHY III. Life Experiences It’s nothing like having a shitty day and […]

The Less Fortunate: (Short Story)

The calmness of the early morning atmosphere is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Trees sing and leaves dance—Mother Nature watches. She sets the tone for the day—we watch her. As the moon fades, she embraces the dawn of a new day—a rebirth—something that many of us living are in search […]

Experience Life Through Writing: I sit patiently…

Train 301

Six, Seven, Eight—I count as each fallen leaf flutters only to wither and die. The wind is silent. The sun is falling. I sit patiently. I anticipate the slight rumbling underfoot—earthquake like. My cup dances atop the table. Window’s sings with vibrations. Pictures shake. Glasses rattle. Coins roll. Hands are […]